Strategic Consulting


Telecommunication, Media & Technology

Our Values

We aim to provide strategic advice, focused on meeting your requirements.

Our strategic insights are based on many years of experience, and an extensive network of contacts, which are constantly being refreshed on consulting projects for clients. This enables us to provide advice that is authoritative, evidence-based, referenced to available source material, and therefore dependable (those values are behind our company name: Touchstone).

Our advice is private and confidential, unless you consent to it being put into the public domain, and we scrupulously avoid conflicts of interest.

We recognize that you may be dealing with constantly evolving circumstances and working to tight timelines, so we aim to be adaptable, flexible, responsive and timely.

Where appropriate (and with your agreement), we may partner with you and others (with complementary skills), and work as part of team to deliver on your requirements.

Above all, our goal is to help you create value and to be successful.